Thursday, August 8, 2013

This is the day it started

I've been ruminating on the idea since E.C.M.W.P. wrapped (and ultimately languished.) When Morpheus 2.0 was announced, I really started considering re-launching the idea in a serious way. I've been looking at the logistics and trying to figure out the time frame. I've certainly learned a lot from the first project:

1. UVs dammit! Yep, I didn't know a thing about UV layout and the previous assets are all over the map on quality there. Still don't know enough but I've certainly learned some stuff since then.

2. More help. I needed to have other instructors involved on a more formal basis. I just didn't know enough to set the quality consistently.

3. PR and school support. I need to have a bigger roll-out on the assets and better advertising in places like the 11 sec club, Josh's site, other online animation schools. I really fell short on this one.

4. Set a higher bar. Simply put, some assets just weren't good enough. I needed to thresh the wheat from the chaff better. "Ryan" is the high water mark in terms of overall completeness and quality. Kudos to Natalia on that one.

5. Concept art is critical. I was so lucky to have Catie VG on this: I need a bunch of students working on concept art right away.

6. Hats! If Valve and TF2 have taught me anything, hats are the biggest bang for the buck.

7. No guns. There's already a million of them out there and they are useless as storytelling props. Eyeglasses, Gloves, Drinking cups, Neckties, Tools, Scissors, Rigged Paper there are so many better uses of modelling time.

8. Shaders. Sitting with Derek has taught me how much more important good shaders are. I have to make sure we get that right.

9. Fewer completely finished results are better than tonnes of half finished stuff. Needed to take the time to do this right. 15 week terms are going to make things a lot easier.

That's all for now. Let's see how long it takes me to get back to this.

- Dave, on a Thursday.